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Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Michelle Tisdale is an American actress and singer. In 2022, Ashley Tisdale's net worth is estimated to be $11 million dollars.

March 29, 2022

Words by Matthew Taylor

Ashley Tisdale Net Worth

$11 million

Est. Range $9M - $13M

Medium Confidence

Ashley Tisdale is an actress and singer who got her start appearing in ads and small TV and theater roles. She became a household name in the early 2000s thanks to her starring role in the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and her breakout role as Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical movies. Since then, she's released two albums, Headstrong and Guilty Pleasure, and starred in a number of other TV shows and movies, including the Phineas & Ferb animated series, the Scary Movie franchise, and the CBS sitcom Carol's Second Act.

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Richest Celebrities

Celebrities are a mixed bag. From being masters of their craft (like Anthony Hopkins) to being famous just for sake of being famous (Kim Kardashian), celebrities have managed to make the whole world (or a good chunk of it) hang off of their every word. From actors and comedians to models, reality TV stars and Youtubers, these people have one thing in common – they’ve managed to break through all the clutter and propel themselves to stardom.

Most wannabe celebrities earn very little… hopefuls post clips on YouTube that no one watches, most reality TV contestants earn next to nothing, and the average member of the Screen Actors Guild earns less than $1,000 per year from acting jobs. But the celebrities on our list are different. They’ve leveraged their exposure, personal brands, sponsorships and captured the limelight (and associated dollars) anyway they can.

Ultimately, to make the big bucks as a celebrity, you need to be prepared to sell your name, look, face and body… and turn as much as you can into products. Yes, money comes from appearances and roles in big productions, but many celebrities have made their wealth through selling books, biographies, clothing lines and perfume. From their weddings to photos of their first child, everything’s for sale. And, based on the net worth of 10 top celebrities, it seems to be worth it!

Buying Power

Ashley Tisdale's net worth of 11 million can buy...

Nights in the Burj Al Arab Royal Suite
Priced at $8,900
Rolex GMT Master II
Priced at $31,499
Tesla Model S
Priced at $131,440


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