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By Matthew Taylor

Updated December 5, 2021

Matthew Lyn Lillard is an American actor, comedian, director, and producer. In 2021, Matthew Lillard's net worth is estimated to be 5 million dollars.

Childhood And Early Life

Matthew Lyn Lillard was born on July 24, 1970 in Lansing, Michigan. He is the son of Margaret Jean and Darryll Walter Lillard. His father worked as a handyman while his mother did home care work to raise him and his brother until he was six years old. When he was five years old, Matthew moved with his family from Michigan to Payson, Utah. In Utah, they settled in a trailer park where Matthew enjoyed playing practical jokes on other kids including spreading rumors about them having AIDS or being hit by cars when they were younger which would get them beat up at school for days afterwards. As a child who loved movies from an early age it wasn't surprising that he started making short films with friends since the age of 12 using Super 8 film cameras before moving onto Hi-8 video cameras later on along with directing plays outside of school after graduating high school. During this time period he also got involved in drugs like marijuana and amphetamines but quit after getting married at 18 to wife Melissa Cunningham who gave birth to their first daughter Maeve Lillard before divorcing three years later citing irreconcilable differences though remaining close friends despite separation; however during adulthood they each remarried (he once again) two times respectively (twice).

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