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By Matthew Taylor

Updated December 5, 2021

Robert Alan Deal, known professionally as Mick Mars, is an American musician and the lead guitarist and co-founder of the rock band Mötley Crüe. In 2021, Mick Mars's net worth is estimated to be 65 million dollars.

Mick Mars was born in Santa Monica, CA on December 3rd, 1956. He grew up with two younger siblings: a sister and a brother. Mick had troubles at school and started skipping classes when he was twelve years old. His parents sent him to military boarding schools which were more challenging than his public high school had been. In the early 1970s, Mick moved back to Los Angeles where he met Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee through mutual friends while they were all attending Fairfax High School in Hollywood Hills. The three of them decided to form a band called “Paris” together after recording one song (which would later become their debut single). They played small shows around California until guitarist Razzle left the group for unknown reasons leaving the remaining trio looking for another member who would fit into their music style better than Razzle did; thus Vince Neil joined Mötley Crüe as their new lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist (he turned 18 just before joining Paris).

In 1981, Vince Neil decided that he wanted out of Mötley Crüe because it wasn't going anywhere fast so Neil quit on January 19th; soon afterward Nikki Sixx also quit on October 30th; both leaving Mick alone with Tommy Lee making him officially the only original member still in the band today but they managed to continue playing shows centered mainly around Southern California by bringing in various bass players such as Bobbie Duncan from Alice Cooper's backing band "Guns N' Roses". With little money or attention being paid towards them during this time period they continued touring often without paying royalties due to having no real management at that time either but once rock legend Gene Simmons heard about them from his friend John Reese then suddenly everybody knew about them including Poison singer Bret Michaels who is good friends with drummer Tommy Lee ever since childhood days growing up together from being neighbors living within a few miles apart from each other in Westlake Village area where many celebrities live such as Slash, Steven Spielberg...etc.. After hearing several demos by Mötley Crüe , Bret Michaels went backstage with manager Doc McGhee during an Aerosmith concert telling Tommy Lee how much he loved his drumming abilities saying if there's anything else you'd like me do let me know because I'm always down for jammin' & hangin'; plus seeing how close my friendship is with your bro-ham [Tommy].

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