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By Matthew Taylor

Updated December 5, 2021

Shane Brandon McMahon is an American businessman and professional wrestler. In 2021, Shane McMahon's net worth is estimated to be 80 million dollars.

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Shane McMahon was the son of Vince and Linda McMahon, who were co-owners of World Wrestling Federation. Shane joined WWF as a referee in 1994 and became an on-air character later. In 2000, he started working as the Senior Vice President (SVP) for WWE's TV productions. Later he worked as Chief Global Media Officer before leaving WWE to pursue his own ventures outside the company in 2009 .

Even after his departure from WWE, Shane is still one of its highest paid executives due to stock ownership through family trusts with the promotion. He has run companies including You On Demand Holdings Inc., Farmer Veteran Coalition LLC, NextVR Inc., Five Town Productions Ltd., Two Roads Company LLC , etc..

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