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By Matthew Taylor

Updated December 5, 2021

Yoko Ono is a Japanese multimedia artist, singer, songwriter and peace activist. In 2021, Yoko Ono's net worth is estimated to be 650 million dollars.

Yoko Ono Net Worth $650 Million

Before she became famous all over the world, Yoko was an ordinary schoolteacher. Her life changed when she met John Lennon in 1966. They got together and were married at Tittenhurst Park in 1969. This happy couple had two sons, Sean Lennon (born 1975) and Julian Lennon (born 1963). After their marriage ended, both of them kept on living with each other until John’s death in 1980 due to shot wounds he suffered by Mark David Chapman. The same year Yoko released her first single “Walking on Thin Ice” which was a hit-single in some European countries but also criticized for being too depressing after the murder of her husband. In 1984 she released her first album “No No No” which included songs like “You Are Here With Me… Where Are You?” or “Never Forget Love” that are still popular today amongst many people all around the world. She is also known for having written several books including Grapefruit: A Book Of Instruction And Drawings (1964), ABC2GO TO SPACE!!! (1996), Yes I'm A Witch Too! : Erotica For Women By A Woman Who's Been There , Now It's My Turn To Play God!: How You Can Create Your Own Life Without Any Help From Anybody , Bang Bang Boomerang: Adventures In Emotional Surgery , Imagine Peace . Some of these stories have been translated into various languages such as German, French or Italian and can be found online as well as at book stores worldwide. Currently only one record studio has given permission to use any material from these books so far – iBooks Pro LLC who published Imagine All The People: Peace Songs From Across America by Yoko Ono & Children Paintings Gallery .

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